Ancestral Land Journeys

Travel to a sacred ancestral place near Sedona and learn about the indigenous people of this land. The history, the traditions, and way of life as it were over 800 years ago and was much simpler than it is now.

You will stand where they stood and see several different types of ancestral homes and dwelling places including, pit houses, pueblos, cliff dwellings, and cave dwellings.

Participate in a peaceful quiet meditation to receive a vision or guidance for the ancestors that can help us now in this time.

This is a most authentic, down to earth, real Sedona experience. Experience Sedona the way the ancestors once did. A real Sedona “vortex” experience.

This isn’t just another Sedona jeep tour (which can also very fun) instead, this is an authentic private healing experience for those who are really searching for more peace, balance and transformation in their lives. This is a private journey, just you and/or your guest. No crowded jeep! Read reviews on our Facebook Page!

Scheduled first come first serve at a convenient time for you!

Once we arrive at our location, we start with a smudging ceremony and say an opening prayer to Creator.

Then we share the ancient teachings and medicines with you, including animal medicine, plant medicine, and any other way of life that will bring you closer to your relationship with the earth.

Next we sit in a sacred place where the wisdom keepers once did and practice the same rituals that they once did to seek spiritual guidance and direction in our lives.

Other experiences that you may request along the way are:

  • A Medicine Wheel Ceremony to honor the four directions and the basic teachings and understanding of how to live in balance with all things.
  • A Shamanic Journey to meet your animal spirit guide through guided imagery and receive a special message and gift.
  • A Sacred Path Card Reading for extra guidance on your path in life.
  • Shamanic Drum Healing to re-align you back to your original state, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • For individuals, we may do a Soul Retrieval to heal some emotional, ancestral part of your past that is creating blocks today.
  • Sacred Piece Pipe Ceremony to pray with the sacred herbs that carry our prayers to Creator.

This ancestral journey is a great way to experience Sedona and the southwest for everyone including individuals, couples, families, groups, skeptics, first-timers and children. All are welcome even the four legged furry ones.

Call or email Rebekah to book your Ancestral Land Journey experience today! …A memory you will cherish for a lifetime.