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Learn how to help others heal past emotional trauma that may be keeping them stuck today by using strategic life coaching and guided imagery techniques. This amazing Soul Retrieval Specialist certification course is completely online so you can work at your own pace and there is no time limit to finish the course. Currently, it consists of mostly easy reading and some audio. This course includes an in-depth core life coach and guided imagery training with additional bonus teaching, ceremony and a complete marketing section to help you build a well balanced spiritual business.

Private coaching, mentoring and support with Rebekah is available to you during your training and is included in the cost.

During this course, you are encouraged to practice as much as you can with your “practice clients.” Then when you feel ready, you may submit the requirements below.

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As of May 2, 2017 we are accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and graduates will be eligible to apply to become board certified holistic health practitioners through AADP. We are a private entity and our training does not apply to any college credits.


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Soul retrieval is a form of guided imagery, inner child healing, emotional cord cutting, shadow work and emotional healing that results in permanent healing or total body healing.

Soul retrieval is based on the concept that we are creating our own reality. Once we can fully accept this and take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, then we will begin to walk in a world free from victim-hood and blame.

This technique helps to rediscover the parts of the soul that were lost during some tragic event… where a piece of the soul left the body in order to protect itself while the body experienced the trauma. Sometimes, depending on how severe the impact was, that piece of the soul never fully returns back into the body. This is the part where we gave our power away. Over time, that part of our soul will continue to try and find its way home by continuing to create similar situations and emotions as opportunities to reclaim that power back and stop the reoccurrence of the feeling.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is the process of taking your power back from something, someone or some situation and can assist an individual in permanently healing any past trauma or negative beliefs. A soul retrieval happens when the lost part of the soul returns safely and completely back into the body and integrity is restored.

Symptoms of Soul Loss:

Blocked memory
Apathy (lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern)
Emotionally unavailable or withdrawn
Cannot receive or give love
Lack of motivation to live life or suicidal thoughts
Addictions (alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.)
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Feeling guilt or shame
Lack of purpose
Prolonged grief
Anger and hatred toward self and/or others
Negative beliefs (Example: everybody lies, people are stupid or I’m not good enough)
Physical pain
Weight gain
Phobias and fears

What causes soul loss?

Soul loss occurs when there is a loss of personal power. This usually happens involuntarily and as a result, damages the soul by the negative influence or belief. Essentially, the soul will recognize when something traumatic is about to happen and it will leave the energy field of the body in order to protect itself and maintain its integrity while the body experiences the trauma. When this happens, that part of the soul may not be able to return safely back into the body depending on how traumatic the event was. This is when soul loss occurs.

Situations that may cause soul loss include:

Prolonged Stress
An accident
Loss of a loved one
Extreme fear
Negative influence
Anticipated rejection
Lack of understanding
Neglected as a child

If soul loss is left unresolved for long periods of time it can manifest itself into physical form creating very serious emotional, spiritual, mental and physical problems including pain, severe panic attacks, illness, and even disease.

The Solution: 

Retrieve the part of the soul that left during the traumatic experience, and welcome it safely back into the body. This is done through the soul retrieval process. In many cases, a soul retrieval can be very successful with only one session. Depending on how long the situation has been left unresolved will determine how far it has spiraled out of control and now shows up in many areas of one’s life. Like the ripple effect, when you throw a stone into the middle of a pond it will create many ripples that move outward. Eventually, when no stones are thrown, the pond will become still again. Soul loss is comparable to someone that keeps throwing stones into the pond, not allowing the pond to calm, creating chaos in one’s life. A soul retrieval will identify where the rocks are coming from and correct it from that point.

The part of the soul that needs healing will continue to create situations and experiences in your life to feel the emotion over and over again until it is healed. Healing takes place by understanding the truth of the situation from a higher perspective and offering compassion through forgiveness to any other persons involved including oneself. Sometimes it’s also as easy as having a conversation with yourself as you were back then (younger self) and giving him or her permission to heal and release the attachment to the story or the trauma. Only then can you expect to experience that peaceful stillness and balance once again in your life.

Below is a list of all of the lessons and teachings that you will get access to…


Soul Retrieval – A Trauma Release Technique


Student Conference Call Recordings

Example Session Recordings


Guided Imagery Introduction

Guided Imagery “Vision”

Guided Imagery “Facing Fear”

Guided Imagery “Future Self”

Finding Answers from Within

Shamanic Journey Introduction

Shamanic Journey into Sacred Mountain

Shamanic Journey Earth Lodge Fire Ceremony


How to Conduct a Basic Life Coaching Session

Free Intro Session

E+R=O Event + Response = Outcome

Example Life Coaching Session



Seven Step Breakthrough

Wheel of Balance


Security and Insecurity

Co-dependence and Independence

ANTS Transforming Automatic Negative Thoughts

Control or Approval

Money Management

More or Less

Need Right Now

See Be Do Get – Reverse your Beliefs

Twenty-one Day Manifestation Mantra

Relationship Coaching for Couples and Families

Relationship Coaching for Developing Communication and Listening Skills


Case Study

Building Confidence

Becoming the Hollow Bone

Dreams and Visions

Smudging and Clearing

Prayer and Intention

Spirit Guides

Communicating with the Spirit World

Spiritual Diagnosis

Animal Totems and Power Animals

Ancestral Healing

Silence Stillness and Learning to Listen

Vision Quest

The Four Agreements


Medicine Wheel Teachings and Ceremony

New Moon Ceremony

Full Moon Gratitude Ceremony


Creating a Website

Internet Marketing and SEO

Creating a Business Card

In-Person Marketing


How to Charge

Successful Business Tips

The Number One Thing you can do to Get Clients


Client Information